PRIMS: AIIC’s Sector for Private Market Interpreters

As a freelance interpreter for local authorities, national & international organisations, companies, event organisers, or someone who negotiates contracts and working conditions, PRIMS is the place for you!

─── Who we are

PRIMS is AIIC’s Sector for professional freelance interpreters working on international and national private markets and in the public sector. So you work as an interpreter for corporations large and small, associations, local and national authorities, event organisers, international organisations or NGOs? You negotiate your own contracts and working conditions? You are considering becoming a member of AIIC? Then PRIMS is the sector for you.

─── What we do

At our biannual PRIMS meetings — with AIIC members, candidates and pre-candidates from around the world ― and at our roundtables ― open to industry stakeholders ― we analyse market trends, explore developments in the conference industry, build consensus on the way forward, discuss professional guidelines and offer tools to our fellow interpreters.

What can PRIMS do for you?

PRIMS seeks to provide AIIC interpreters with a platform where they can raise their concerns, share their experiences, ask for help from like-minded colleagues, and discuss current and future developments in the conference industry. PRIMS meetings also offer interpreters an invaluable opportunity to meet up with colleagues from all four corners of the earth and strike up new friendships.

How does PRIMS work?

Every year, PRIMS organises a winter and a summer meeting. Our goal is to harness AIIC’s global reach and to hold our gatherings in different parts of the globe. We want to have our finger on the pulse of the various interpreting markets around the world, and work with our fellow interpreters to stay on top.

PRIMS and the conference industry

PRIMS has started organising half-day round-table discussions open to players in the conference industry. Some of the challenges we face as conference interpreters are common to other stakeholders and PRIMS offers the perfect setting to exchange ideas and find common ground on which we interpreters can build together.

I am interested in the activities organised by PRIMS...

...but I am not yet an AIIC member.

PRIMS meetings are also open to AIIC pre-candidates and candidates and include side-events, which conference interpreters considering joining AIIC but not yet having taken the final step may attend. Some examples? BarCamps, organised by PRIMS in collaboration with VEGA  and usually held the day before our summer or winter meetings, or the welcome cocktails organised by the hosting region on the eve of our biannual events are both great opportunities to meet AIIC members and discuss the benefits of joining the Association.

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─── What we do

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